Warning: Some viewers may find this story to be disturbing.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Residents living in the Grove Park area of Jacksonville say that the sight of a dead goat laying near the San Marco Food Store is concerning.

Viewers notified First Coast News on Saturday about the gruesome discovery off of Crane Avenue.

Neighbors say the goat appears to be decapitated, and they have no idea who put the carcass outside the store.

Decapitated goat found in Grove Park neighborhood

"It's kinda crazy how it's by a church though it's weird...somebody just left a goat by the dumpster I guess they just didn't wanna throw it away I don't know it's crazy," said a man who says lives nearby and spotted the goat Saturday afternoon.

FCN did reach out to several government agencies on Sunday morning to find out if any type of investigation will commence.

According to the city of Jacksonville’s website, Animal Care and Protective Services does respond to dead animals, if they are reported and are on public property.

First Coast News will continue to update this developing story.