JACKSONVILLE, FL- After days of spending money and snatching up deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is time to give back.

For Giving Tuesday there are a lot of different organizations around town looking for help, like the Jacksonville Humane Society. Even though they recently moved into their new facility, they are still looking to raise money for their medical fund which helps out animals like a little kitten named Flame.

At 10 weeks old, Flame is quite a tough kitty. He got his name from how he was found by a restaurant worker.

"He [the chef] turned on their industrial grill and heard a screech, so he turned it off and this little ball of flaming fur rushed out from underneath," tells Lindsey Layendecker with JHS.

The kitchen staff caught the burned kitten and brought it to Jax Humane for treatment.

He burned off his whiskers, singed his ears and has some burns on his back, but otherwise is expected to be fine. But Flame is an example of the how JHS's medical fund can help strays that come in with serious injuries or even help families that are suddenly facing a crisis.

"Maybe they lost everything in a hurricane, their house burned down or they have a medical diagnosis or their pet has a veterinary diagnosis, we provide that compassionate care as well," says Layendecker.

The goal this Giving Tuesday is $50,000 dollars and the need is ever-present.

"We've taken in more animals this year than we originally predicted that we would," explains Layendecker.

Six thousand animals alone in 2016 were taken in and little ones like Flame are grateful for the help.

To donate go to www.JaxHumane.org/donate