A Georgia doctor has been sentenced to serve five years in federal prison for pleading guilty to a charge of conspiracy to unlawfully dispense controlled substances and launder money.

Paul Ruble, 64, is a doctor from Thomson, Georgia. From November 2011 to April 2013, Ruble and others operated Apex Health & Wellness, a phony pain management clinic in Brunswick, Georgia. Ruble wrote prescriptions for oxycodone, hydrocodone and other drugs without medical purpose to people who came to the clinic looking for drugs. 

According to a release from the Georgia State Attorney, during the 17 months that the the fake clinic was open, more than 10,000 patients visited and the doctors working at it profited over $2 million.  Ruble was paid just under $500,000 for his services at the fake clinic.

Acting United States Attorney James D. Durham said, “Mr. Ruble was another drug dealer that just happened to wear a white coat.  The sad truth is that the owners and operators of sham pill-mill clinics prosper while the patients and members of the community suffer. Those who attempt to profit from pill mills masquerading as pain management clinics in the Southern District of Georgia can expect to find themselves next in a federal prison.”