Our own local spelling bee champion, Fruit Cove middle schooler Sreeniketh Vogoti, made it to the top 15 in the Scripps National Spelling Bee this year.

Vogoti has been practicing his word list for months. When you’d pass up playing video games to practice spelling words like, “gutterdemoron” his list of accomplishments read like a dictionary.

Vogoti said there's nothing he'd rather do on during his free time then prepare.

“The school list is like first-grade level difficulty to eight-grade level difficulty,” said Vogoti.

Vogoti's secret to spelling, first you have to know your words and study.

“There are certain rules of course that are in place that make it easier but in the end, you have to study,” said Vogoti.

Then to become a spelling bee champ? That answer derives from the Greek word, defined as achieving or bringing about accomplish, practice according to Vogoti.

“Practice like talent is out of your hand's luck is out of your hands the only thing you have that’s in your grasp is practice," said Vogoti.

The 14-year-old joined the Good Morning Jacksonville crew for a quick interview and a mock spelling bee. Check out that video below!