Tracy Gebeaux, founder of Jax Beach Brother’s Keeper, spends every Sunday giving to the homeless. He gives almost anything – food, socks, shirts and anything else a homeless person might need.

Why does he do it? Because he’s walked in those shoes.

Gebeaux had a great life not long ago. But his world changed dramatically.

“I went from making over a hundred thousand dollars a year to the economy crashing,” Gebeaux said. “Within two years I lost everything.”

As a former homeless man, Gebeaux knows exactly what the people he helps out go through.
He’s been driving around Jacksonville Beach almost every Sunday for the last seven years.
The homeless don’t just appreciate the food and clothes he gives them. They moreso appreciate him for being there for them.

“That’s compassion,” Aaron Gibson, a homeless man said. “That’s love because he’s obviously been there before.”

While Gebeaux’s actions might seem to some like a heroic act of kindness, he doesn’t see it that way.
“The feeling that I have in my heart is not a feeling of being a hero,” Gebeaux said. “The feeling that I have in my heart when I’m doing it is the feeling of being a human.”

Gebeaux calls his service Jax Beach Brother’s Keeper. To follow his journey and find out more about his mission, you can find him on Facebook.