Family and friends gathered at a local skate park in St. Augustine to remember a teen killed in a hit and run accident Monday night.

Police say 16-year-old Dalton Kuhn was found dead on the side of Sate Road 312 Tuesday morning. The driver of what police believe to be a silver Chevy or GMC truck has not come forward.

Possible truck involved in hit and run. Not the exact model - just an example. (Photo: St. Augustine PD)    

The Kuhn family is pleading anyone with information to come forward and help them find justice for their teen son.

“I’m OK with you coming to me and saying that you made a mistake and you left and you wish you didn’t but I’m not accepting the fact that you won’t come forward,” said Wendy Kuhn, Dalton’s mother.

Friends of the Kuhn family have set up a GoFundME page to help pay for Dalton's memorial.

Family and friends gather to mourn St. Augustine teen killed in hit-and-run