JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Every time is rains families who live at Pier 5350 in Arlington tell First Coast News their apartments flood. They say their management hasn’t replaced their carpets since the last time it flooded so now they are dealing with mold on top of continuous water damage.

Letisha Murrell has lived at Pier 5250 for two years and says it's difficult to get answer from her property manager or from the company that owns the property Laramar Group.

"All that is mold from the last time," said Murrell. "We knew what was coming, we were just waiting to see if they would fix it before it got this bad and they didn’t. Look at it!"

She says maintenance was supposed to replace the carpet two weeks ago but that never happened.

"Came out here, looked around, moved a few fans then left," said Murrell.

Outside of her apartment standing water is being pumped up the hill into the grass through tubes, but it’s a slow process.

The drain sitting beneath the water isn’t working.

Murrell says it's the same story all along the first floor. Many of the families have young children and are forced to leave and stay with family or friends because of the unsanitary conditions.

"I keep going back and forth with the property manager Shannon I asked for a transfer but she keeps giving me excuses," said Murrell. "As you can see this is not safe for my infant to be living in. It’s not safe at all."

First Coast News reached out to the management company and to the leasing office and they released the following statement:

Due to the heavy rains, we, like other property owners and managers are working diligently and following all appropriate measures to stay ahead of any water problems any particular resident may encounter. We have been in contact with our residents.

Murrell says she just wants to be moved to a different apartment while they gut out her place and replace the apartment, take care of the mold and install a new drainage system.