Two offensive racial posts on the First Coast within one week.
On Thursday, the Baker County School District said they are investigating a racial picture involving high school students.

It's since spurred investigations by both the school district and the sheriff''s office while creating a firestorm online.

One week before, there was an offensive Craigslist post with the title, "Two Slaves for Sale."

Jacksonville therapist Lauren Capitini says it's not that racism is increasing, it's that there are now more outlets, public social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat, that have made it all much more visible.
Racists posts can actually have very similar effects to bullying, Capitini said. They can lead to feelings of isolation, depression and even suicide.
"The first thing we would love them to do is definitely reach out to somebody they trust," said Capitini.
Capitini said victims should reach out to an adult or parent instead of a peer.
While whoever posted these photos may have been seeking attention or notoriety, Capitini said those posting need to know the harm that it does is much worse in the long run.
"Anytime someone is being hurt or belittled or made to feel that their voice doesn't count or they're insignificant as a human being, especially for things that are beyond their control and for things that make them the person that they are that makes them unique, that's very damaging," said Capitini.