JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Superintendent of the Duval County School District Dr. Nikolai Vitti hosted a press conference Monday morning with the rest of the school board calling on the public to call local lawmakers in reference to House Bill 5105.

The bill, approved by the Florida House of Representatives, will be voted on by the Florida Senate Monday afternoon.

The bill, if passed, would allocate up to $200 million for charter schools to set up in neighborhoods where current public schools are failing.

According to Dr. Vitti, the bill would turn failing public school into charter schools. DCPS calls the bill “devastating” as it would taking away district-wide funding from Title I schools and hurt the communities where these schools are located.

On Monday morning Vitti said the bill was only about “political power and corruption” and not about the children in the schools.

The senate is expected to vote on the bill Monday afternoon. DCPS says they hope Governor Rick Scott will veto it if it passes.

Below is Dr. Vitti’s letter to state Senators asking them to not pass the bill as well as the letter sent out to parents district-wide.

Reject HB5105 by NealBennett on Scribd