JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The sky is the limit for a group of students from the University of North Florida, literally! They are one of the few teams across the country that NASA has selected to fly their experiments in the G Force One aircraft this spring.

"It was one of the most exciting days of my life. I could barely contain my excitement on the phone when I got the phone call," said Chelsea Partridge, a junior in mechanical engineering.

She is leading the project and the team is working to see how fluid, like blood, will move at very low flow-rates.

"This is just the proof of concept to verify the components and that we can get fluid flow in zero gravity before actually moving on to smaller scale biological applications," said Partridge.

From there, the team will create a bioreactor to study bone cell cultures in zero gravity.

"So these are the initial steps to do the proof of principal in a zero gravity environment," said Daniel Cox a professor of mechanical engineering.

It is an amazing opportunity for these students, who will be heading to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston from May 31- June 7.

That's one small step for these students, one giant leap for UNF!