Monday is the final day to apply for open enrollment for Clay County Public Schools.

In April, the school board approved a policy to allow students across the district and in other Florida counties to apply for a space in Clay County Schools.

“We recognize parents have more choices than ever when making decisions on how to educate their child. I am confident that families will find the education experience we offer in Clay County Schools is rigorous, relevant, and competitive,” Superintendent Addison Davis said in a press release. 

In accordance with new Florida laws, parents and legal guardians in the State of Florida may now transfer their students to any school that has available capacity provided that the student is not subject to current expulsion or suspension. 

The policy allows parents to determine where their children are educated. However, they will be responsible for their students' transportation.

The threshold for Clay County Schools will be 85 percent. Any school under the 85 percent enrollment mark will be eligible for open enrollment.

In April, the district announced 1,557 combined open seats in 11 schools.

You apply for opening enrollment here.