A Duval County Schools teacher was fired Tuesday after repeated arrests and missing work, district documents show.

Jason Alexander Perry, 33, also missed 58 days of the 2016-17 school year as a teacher at Raines High School for various reasons - none of them excused, per district officials.

Perry's legal troubles began as far back as March 13, 2015. The first of four arrests related to domestic trouble, the Clay County Sheriff's Office charged him with misdemeanor making harassing phone calls. By June, district reports show Perry was in the state of Florida's pre-trial intervention program for that charge. Pre-trial intervention is similar to probation.

Six months later, Perry was arrested by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for an out-of-county warrant on stalking charges and then put on probation for a year in March 2016.

Five months later, JSO arrested Perry again for stalking charges and violation of probation. By the end of August 2016, Perry was sentenced to 60 days in jail, records show.

Perry was arrested again, on January 6, after causing a scene at a school in St. Johns County.

Back in October 2014, Perry was also disciplined for telling students to go to his Twitter page, which allegedly help offensive images and inappropriate pictures.

He was notified of his termination March 17. The school board voted to terminate him, effective immediately, Tuesday night at their board meeting.

Per the district office:

"Mr. Perry exercised poor judgment when he engaged in inappropriate behavior that resulted in his arrest and subsequent incarceration. He was also recently arrested for Violation of an Injunction for Protection Order. Additionally, Mr. Perry used excessive unauthorized leave without pay."