Three Detroit school district officials are meeting with members of the Duval County School Board Tuesday as they continue to vet Dr. Nikolia Vitti for the top educator job in the Motor City.

The vice president of the Detroit Public Schools Community District and two other board members flew down to talk to people who work for Vitti and tour schools, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Vitti is a finalist for the Superintendent of Schools in Detroit - along with one other person - and has already interviewed. He promised to run charter schools out of business during his public interview. Those types of schools have challenged public schools in Detroit.

Angelique Peterson-Mayberry, Detroit Schools vice president, says flying down is all a part of the due process. "We don't want to buy a house without seeing it," Peterson-Mayberry told the Free Press.

Detroit school officials are expected to visit the school district of the one other finalist, Derrick Coleman of River Rouge, Michigan next week, after which their decision will be made.