JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many stores across the First Coast that once sold glasses for the solar eclipse have sold out, and told First Coast News they don’t plan to get any more in.

At a Westside Lowe’s Wednesday, employees said they received hundreds of calls by early afternoon.

“We sold out within about two weeks,” said Jon McMath, assistant manager at the Lowe’s of the 700 glasses the store received. “We sold out probably last Thursday and we’ve been getting calls nonstop ever since.”

Residents on the First Coast may have one last shot to score a pair of the coveted glasses.

The Jacksonville Public Library started out with 5,000 glasses.

“Boy, if we have a few hundred [left] I would be kind of surprised,” said Chris Boivin, assistant director of community relations and marketing for the Jacksonville Public Library.

Boivin said they allocated between 25 to 50 glasses for each of their remaining solar eclipse programs. The glasses will be handed out to those attending the programs on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“There are a limited supply at each one of these programs but we do have some eclipse glasses left,” Boivin said.

Boivin recommended people attending the programs with the main goal of getting the glasses call the library in advance to make sure they will be handed out.

To see the schedule of upcoming programs, click here.

Both the library’s website and Lowe’s website offer alternatives for safe viewing of the solar eclipse for people who cannot find glasses.

On Aug. 21, the library invites the public to meet at the Main Library downtown to go into the courtyard to view the eclipse.