Drew Kohn was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident and suffered a long list of injuries, including severe brain trauma and damage to his spinal cord which left him in a coma.

He has been fighting and making progress for months and on Wednesday, Nov. 15 Drew was sent home.

Drew still needs to be under acute care. He needs to be fed through a tube, turned so he doesn't get an infection, changed, showered and cared for around the clock.

The Kohn's home was damaged by the Hurricane Irma flood waters. When Drew was wheeled in by paramedics his mother, Yolanda, noted that there would be wheelchair ramps added to the front and back entrances soon. However, Drew's wheelchair isn't due to their home until late December to early January. The bed the paramedics put Drew in a bed too short for his 6'1" stature.

"The part that is hard to wrap your mind around is you have a person in acute stats and every time you try... to get him here or there, his medical needs are too complex. If his medical needs are too complex to be in a skilled nursing facility how is he able to come home with two people that have no medical training?" asked Yolanda. "How does that happen. How do you come to my front door with no ramp? How is that safe?"

The Kohns needed more time, but they were not afforded it.

"To push him out just because you are looking at your bottom line -- it's a sad situation," said David Kohn, Drew's father.

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Drew's family has been there every step of the way fighting for him to get the care they knew he deserves. They are fighting their insurance to send him to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta which specializes in spinal cord injuries. However, the Kohn's insurance company, Anthem, said that the treatment was investigational and not medically necessary.

"Shepherds and other facilities have proven the type of care Drew needs, disorders of consciousness, that there have been people who have improved 60 - 70 percent just being there for a few weeks," Yolanda said.

They are still fighting their insurance company and behalf of Drew and both David and Yolanda vow to not give up.

"My son deserves to live," Yolanda said. "He deserves to have a quality of life and we are not going to sit here and pretend he's getting it. He's not."

Drew has a YouCare which you can donate to here.