ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- A car found buried on a beach in St. Johns County likely dating back to the 1960s.

It's been unearthed following the pounding from Hurricane Matthew last week.

Several members of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Department were in Summer Haven, just south of the Mantanzas Inlet Friday afternoon, to uncover the mystery.

An earth mover known as as Spyder had the task of uncovering St. Johns County's latest mystery: Two axels and some wheels.

Sgt. Keith Oke says A1A and several homes used to be near where the car was found.

"Quite possible at one time this belonged to a home owner, very possible that this car may have been a remenant past hurricanes such as Dora," said Sgt. Oke.

No one is certain of the make and model off the vehicle.

The man who first found it says it's likely from the sixties because it has leaf springs.

The sheriff's department says the remnants of the vehicle will be brought to a landfill to be disposed.