A woman reportedly smashed in seven glass windows, stole a chair and set two small fires in two different businesses.

Justina Wright, 29, has been arrested for two counts arson and two counts of burglary after two separate incidents that occurred in July.

On July 22, police went to PRI located at 1780 Kings Avenue in reference to criminal mischief. When they arrived on scene, seven windows were smashed in and police were told that there was burn and smoke damage where the suspect had apparently burned some items in the business.

The suspect also stole a chair.

The original surveillance showed only someone smashing in the windows, not setting a fire. However, video found later showed the suspect stealing the chair and burning some property in PRI.

Police were also alerted to a burglary and a fire at 1819 Kings Avenue which took place on July 21. They were able to connect Wright to both incidents.