JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "No justice, no peace!" chanted a group of supporters for the Von Roberts family in the spot where Keegan Von Roberts was killed nearly 3 months ago.

His family and supporters stood there, still very angry that no charges have been pressed against the man that killed him, Michael Centanni.

Both Von Roberts and Centanni were licensed gun carriers and armed at the time and authorities say Centanni walked across the street to confront Von Roberts while he was in the vehicle with his wife. A fight ensued and Von Roberts was shot and killed.

Despite prosecutors calling it an odd decision to confront a neighbor about trash at midnight, the State Attorney's office called the killing justified, a decision Von Roberts' family and supporters strongly disagree with. Many in the crowd saying they believe race was a factor in the decision and calling on the city to create a police accountability council so that a panel of citizens can look into such decisions.

As the sun was setting, though, a woman who did not give her name appeared in Centanni's driveway and things took a very tense turn. The woman and supporters shouted back and forth for several minutes, with supporters upset their vigil was interrupted.

"It is wrong for people to come into this neighborhood like they have," the woman said.

She eventually went back to the driveway and walked back down the street.

Keegan's mother, Cecilia Shepard, says she will not give up the fight for justice for her son.

"I told Melissa Nelson, you get to go home to your kids. Mine laid there and died. I had to carry mine on my shoulders and my granddaughter I buried. So it is not a joke to me, it may be a joke to them," Shepard said.

In addition to justice, she will continue to fight for a Jacksonville police accountability council, something she and supporters argued the city desperately needs.