JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A woman was arrested outside the Duval County Courthouse this morning after driving the wrong way down Adams Street, striking and damaging cars as she did.

First Coast News was there as 50-year-old Christina Lappin hit several parked vehicles.

Courthouse bailiffs responded, then sheriff’s deputies, removing the woman’s keys and an aerosol inhalant that police said the woman had been “huffing.” According to a police report, Lappin had lurred speech, incoherent manner, bloodshot eyes and a notable sway while standing.

While speaking with officers, Lappin told them about her sick mother then spoke about her friend named Keith. She advised police that she did not have any medical, physical or impairments. She then told police that she felt mental and that is why she huffs. The suspect said that she was in good physical condition and was medication free.

Lappin was later transported to jail.