JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has announced the murder arrest of two people Wednesday.

Police say the first shooting occurred on July 9 at around 9:30 pm. At the time, police were patrolling the area of Monica Drive and discovered a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot. When they approached the vehicle they discovered a 21-year-old Richard Green dead in a car.

Homicide detectives responded and during their investigation, they learned Green was shot and killed in what police call a "drug deal gone bad." As a result of their investigation, 20-year-old Patrick Steadman was arrested in connection with the murder.

Police said the second murder happened back on June 4, where they discovered 22-year-old Kenard Hendley suffering from a gunshot wound to the back. Police say the victim was transported to the hospital and later died from his injuries,

Police later learned the victim and several other people were inside a home gambling when the shooting occurred. According to police, Anthony Finch got upset that the victim was winning and shot him in the back as he was trying to leave the home.