The suspect in a SWAT standoff on Jacksonville's Westside was found dead Friday afternoon by officers inside a home on Ricker Road, authorities say.

A spokesperson for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says the gunshot wound to the suspect's head appears self-inflicted, but it can't be confirmed until the Medical Examiner's Officer investigates. Earlier in the standoff, an officer fired several times at the suspect.

Just after 9 a.m., a bank robbery was reported at a Lakeshore Wells Fargo. A suspect in a dark hoodie with a handgun made off with an unknown amount of money and police say the two incidents may be linked.

Police were on Ricker Road a short time later still investigating the bank robbery when they learned a man was inside a home there with a handgun, spouting profanities and refusing to leave. At that time, police weren't sure if there were hostages in the home, but it became clear later there were not.

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The unidentified suspect opened the front door as police were outside and fired a shot. He refused to come out or leave and barricaded himself inside, police say.

JSO called SWAT at that time and a standoff began. Neighbors were told to leave the area and, in one instance, four children and a woman were removed from a home by authorities.

The same man from earlier then opened the front door of the home again, but before he could do anything an officer fired several times at him. Police have not said if they know if any of those shots hit the man.

At that point the suspect returned inside and began calling family, police say. He reportedly apologized to family members for a bad decision he made earlier in the morning and police say he made suicidal remarks.

JSO decided after that to break into the front door. When they did they found the man dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

It is not completely clear at this time if he fired the weapon or if it was the earlier gunfire, but police believe he killed himself. Investigators will look into it and determine exactly how the man died.

Ricker Road was closed down during the length of the standoff and for a couple hours afterward. Nearby residents were also reportedly moved from their homes after shots were fired.

Watch the press conference below: