ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - Surveillance video has been released, showing the most violent moments of a crime spree that happened at World Golf Village neighborhood.

St. Johns County deputies say Kevin Ferrer was trying to evade them when he broke into a home and used a kitchen knife to stab two people inside before stealing a car from the garage.

The surveillance video picks up showing Ferrer pulling away in the stolen car, driving erratically with the driver door open and across other front yards.

"The guy was driving like a maniac, getting on the curb, getting on the sidewalk, getting on the roundabout," said Mirtha Barzaga, a neighbor.

The crime spree started at a different house than the location the car was stolen from.

Deputies say Ferrer was attempting to burglarize a different home, but ran when an off-duty deputy showed up to investigate.

Ferrer fled, hitting a deputy's patrol car, as well as a man riding a bike in the neighborhood.

He then broke into the a second home, they say, and that's when two people were stabbed and the car was stolen.

"For us it was shocking to see all of this going on," Birzaga said. "This is a very peaceful community. Nothing ever goes on here."

Neighbors say the man who was stabbed came out of the house bleeding and was taken by helicopter to Orange Park Medical Center.

Neighbors say he's not yet returned home, but is recovering.

Ferrer is facing five charges including aggravated battery and kidnapping.