JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The State Attorney's Office announced that it's seeking the death penalty in two-high profile murder cases. It made the announcement on Tuesday.

In a statement, State Attorney Melissa Nelson said she's seeking the death penalty for Phillip Smith and Scott Rolnick, referring to their cases as "the most brutal our office has encountered this year."

Smith is accused of killing his aunt, 74-year-old Janice Fulton, and transporting her body to Locust Grove, Georgia. He was arrested during a traffic stop and Fulton's body was found in the back seat.

Rolnick is accused of stabbing and strangling his mother, 76-year-old Mary Anne Rolnick, after he broke into her house. Police reports state he stole her car while still covered in blood and was arrested at a Jacksonville gas station. He was also charged with armed burglary with assault or battery and grand theft auto.

"Elderly victims can be among the most vulnerable in our community and our office will use every legal tool available to pursue justice for these victims," Nelson said in a statement.