A St. Johns County deputy was arrested Wednesday after he punched a woman in the face during an argument in a home, authorities said.

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, deputy Scott O'Connell, 33, and the victim were watching a movie when the two began arguing. Scott O'Connell punched the woman in the face with a closed fist during the argument, deputies said.

Photographs taken at the scene showed the victim had a red mark above her right eyebrow and redness to her cheek. Deputies said her right cheek - underneath her eye - appeared slightly puffy.

According to deputies, the victim called a direct line to the Sheriff's Office, but no 911 call was placed.

Scott O'Connell is the brother of Michelle O'Connell who gained worldwide attention following her death seven years ago.

Michelle O’Connell’s death was ruled a suicide, but her family has always maintained that the death at the home of her boyfriend, Jeremy Banks, a St. Johns County deputy, was a homicide.

This incident is under an internal affairs investigation and O'Connell is off the streets while the internal affairs investigation is on-going. The Sheriff will ultimately make the final decision on future of O'Connell.

First Coast News spoke with Patricia O'Connell, mother of Michelle and Scott, who said she has been estranged from her son since Nov. 2014.

"I pray that Scott is okay," Patricia O'Connell said. "Maybe there's two sides to the story."

When asked what she would say to Scott O'Connell, she replied "be truthful, tell the truth, let God be in control of what happens."