A St. Augustine man was arrested in the early morning hours of April 8 after pulling a gun and shooting at a woman he did not know and her children, authorities say.

Justin Eugene Massey, 39, allegedly walked up to a home on the 1200 block of Pine Street in Starke, Florida and began banging on the door, says a spokesperson for the Starke Police Department. He started arguing with the woman and her two kids, who he woke up, even though he didn't know them.

Eventually he started walking back to his car before turning around, pulling a silver gun and starting back in their direction, police say. He opened fire on the woman, her kids and the house.

After the family ran back into the home, Massey reportedly got into a black Buick and sped off. 

Starke Police found a car matching the description provided by the mother and found a silver Rossi .38 caliber revolver with five rounds spent out of the chamber.

Massey told police after he was read his Miranda Rights that he was drunk when he left St. Augustine that night and drove to Starke to meet with a prostitute he met online. He thought the mother's house was the prostitute's, police say.

Massey was promptly arrested. He is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, firing a weapon and a moving traffic violation.