A St. Augustine man was arrested after he refused to leave his vehicle following a crash in the 350 block of South Holmes Boulevard on Monday, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said.

Roosevelt Dirden, 55, was found "slumped over the wheel" of his silver Toyota Tundra after he crashed into a home around 1:35 a.m., deputies said.

When he was asked to leave his vehicle, due to the smoke coming out of the car's hood, Dirden refused. Deputies attempted to physically remove him from his vehicle, but Dirden moved their hands away and eventually his shirt ripped, according to an arrest report.

As the deputies tried again to remove Dirden, he kicked at them, hitting them in the chest. A deputy attempted to taser the suspect, but the equipment failed.

He tried the taser again after the suspect hit the other deputy with a closed fist as the official used a vascular neck restraint to subdue him. Dirden was able to cut the wires, limiting its effectiveness, deputies said.

Dirden removed a flashlight from a deputy's possession and hit him in the head with it multiple times, according to the arrest report. Deputies then tasered Dirden for a third time, which allowed them to remove the flashlight from his hands.

Dirden was then able to slip away from deputies, which forced them use a taser for a fourth time. The deputies were then able to arrest Dirden, the arrest report said.

Dirden is charged with three counts of third-degree battery of a law enforcement officer, one count of first-degree aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer and one count of resisting arrest with violence, deputies said.