From his church involvement to social media posts - First Coast News has been delving deep into Ronnie Hyde's pattern of behavior; the man accused of dismembering a teenager and throwing his torso in a dumpster back in 1994.

The FBI has pushed back all media from his Jacksonville Beach home after several days of investigating on scene. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we could see what they were doing - going through boxes and bags of items inside his home and even digging in his backyard.

But their evidence technicians are out of sight as of Thursday afternoon.

Coming into clearer focus, however, is the picture of the man Hyde is. A local psychologist looking into his psyche believes he may have been a counselor to connect with people who are vulnerable.

University of North Florida psychologist and researcher Dr. Tracy Alloway says he may have been trying to target people he felt he could read. "Being able to detect what someone else needs and capitalize on that," she said. "And that's when they can manipulate."

People who knew him have described him as distant, silent and just different. Neighbors want to know who he was - who this lifelong Jacksonville Beach resident was and why he seemed so aloof to his community.

Hyde was keen on church involvement, almost seeming to church hop around the First Coast.

On his Facebook page there are posts about "feeling grateful" for being able to work as a Christian counselor. He wrote posts against child abuse, domestic violence and suicide. He lists several different churches he attends, which stretch from Jacksonville Beach to Ocala, Florida.

"For him," Alloway continued, "Facebook may present an avenue for him to present his ideal self - the self he'd like to be." She said some of his behavior raises red flags.

"We can't take this minority report perspective where anyone who fits this mold is going to commit a crime, because that's not the case at all," she said. She added she believes the FBI is checking his Facebook to look for patterns.

"Anything that could link him to the crime or possibly that he's done this before and it's gone undetected," she explained. "They could be looking for previously unsolved cases to see if there is any connection there."

The FBI is investigating to see if there are more cases; they've asked any other victims to come forward.