JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Protesters held a rally at the Duval County Courthouse following Friday night's protest at Hemming Park where six people were arrested. 

“We at the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition demand that the charges on all five peaceful protesters immediately be dropped. We also want an independent inquiry of JSO’s actions and the aggressive force used sending one protester unresponsive to the hospital. In addition to this we are asking for an investigation into William Nix aka Gary Snow and his role instigating this riot.”

The peaceful protest at Hemming Park turned violent resulting in officers punching protesters. 

JSO says there were two groups of protestors.

One group in opposition of the recent air strike in Syria and a Pro Trump group.

According to a release from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, police were working security for a protest "about Syria" in Hemming Plaza. Police say that there were 100-200 people at the protest and they became "riotous" and were fighting and attacking each other and police.

Police have released six arrest reports for Christina Kittle, 27, charged with inciting or encouraging a riot, Thomas Wilder, 74, charged with possession of not more than 20 grams of marijuana, use or possession with intent to use, drug paraphernalia, and inciting a riot.

They also arrested Thomas Beckham, 26, and he was charged with resisting an officer with violence and affray, Robert Sheffield, 67, charged with affray or causing problems.

The final two arrestees are David Schneider, 27, charged with trying to incite a riot, and Connell Crooms, 26, resisting an officer with violence and trying to incite a riot.

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