Thirteen people were rescued by SWAT from a hostage situation at a credit union on Commonwealth Avenue Thursday morning - a man wielding a hand gun was attempting to rob the business.

Members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office were able to watch the scene unfold inside the Community First Credit Union on Edgewood Avenue from downtown: Community First installed new cameras last year that allowed them to be seen from their headquarters in Jacksonville.

Maria Coppola, a spokesperson for the credit union, says officers were able to keep tabs on the situation inside the building from downtown Jacksonville as it unfolded.

Two hostages were able to run out of the building, distracting the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Nicholas Daquan Humphrey, and allowing SWAT to breach the building and get everyone out.

Nicholas Daquan Humphrey (Photo: JSO)

No one was injured and police took Humphrey into custody without any further incident.

Coppola tells First Coast News over the phone they can't come up with a link between Humphrey and the robbery. There are no records that indicate he ever worked there - and the branch's manager says she's never seen Humphrey before.

Humphrey is charged with 13 counts of kidnapping, one count of theft of a motor vehicle and one count of armed robbery.

The Community First on Edgewood Ave. will remain closed until Monday as the physical damage to the building is repaired - a SWAT vehicle rammed the side of the building and some sort of damage was also caused by the suspect.

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Seven of the hostages were employees of the branch and four were members.

The next nearest branch to that one is at 11907 Lem Turner Road.

A statement from the company's CEO and President, John Hirabayashi, thanks law enforcement for their efforts and commends his employees for their professionalism and strength.

Here's the full statement from Hirabayashi:

Community First Credit Union Statement December 1 2016 by Jacob Rodriguez on Scribd