JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A Southside neighborhood is on high alert after residents say they are being targeted by thieves.

Thursday night, a man was beaten with a gun near Kernan and Beach Blvd. Khalaf Williams, 21, was arrested a short time later. He is facing a number of charges including burglary and auto theft. As of Friday night, Williams remained in the Duval County Jail.

The victim's neighbors Debbie Harbour, has lived in the area for nearly 20 years. "We've had lots of problems over the last year. We've had lots of car break-ins and them (theives) coming around during the middle of the night trying to see who has kept their cars unlocked," Harbour told First Coast News.

Harbour has been a victim herself. "My car was broken into. I accidently left it unlocked one night and they came that night," Harbour said.

The thieves got away with her purse. This is just one of several instances, according to Harbour who says a neighbors car was taken a few months ago.

Thursday night's attack of her 61-year-old, Harbour says, has put everyone on edge. "It really put fear into everybody. It was 9:00 at night. I was about to take my dog out for a bike ride. We are usually walking our dogs, and kids are out. It's early to us," says Harbour.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office crime mapping, there have been several car thefts, a few assaults, and at least one burglary in the area.

Harbour says she plans to amp up her home security but she will not be scared away from her home. "This is a good community with good people who know each other. We just have to be more careful," Harbour said.