A Jacksonville parent is facing child neglect charges after leaving her children unattended in a car with the window rolled up and no air conditioning for 20 minutes.

Police were called to the Walmart on Beach Boulevard in reference to two kids locked in a car that was not running, with the windows rolled all the way up. The witness said that he noticed the car before he went into Walmart and when he came back out he heard what he thought was a child crying.

He told police that he considered breaking the window, but the suspect came out and opened the door before he could.

The surveillance video showed that the suspect was inside the Walmart for twenty minutes. According to the police report, it was 91 degrees on the day of the incident. It was partly cloudy and the car was parked in direct sunlight.

Both of the children were check and released with good health at the scene.

Regardless of how long, leaving children and pets in hot vehicles in the Florida summer is dangerous and punishable by law.