The suspect in a string of kidnappings, robberies and sexual batteries - among other crimes - pleaded guilty to all charges facing him in court Thursday and will spent 45 years in state prison, the State Attorney's Office says.

Brian Eugene Fogarty, 41 of Middleburg, Florida, went into a real estate office on Beach Boulevard back in July of 2016 and sexual assaulted an agent on duty there. Then, police say, he kidnapped her, drove her to her home and then kidnapped her whole family.

Members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office say he took the family to area ATMs - forcing them to give him all their money - before driving the family around some more and then dropping them off in downtown Jacksonville and leaving the vehicle behind.

Fogarty then went to the Westside, forced his way inside a woman's home, forced her into her vehicle, tied her up and then put her in the backseat. Police say he then drove her to Clay County, sexually assaulted her and left her on a dirt road.

After multiple law enforcement agencies began investigating the case, Fogarty was arrested just a day later.

Fogarty reportedly pleaded guilty to two counts each of sexual battery and armed robbery, three counts of kidnapping and one count each of home invasion robbery, grand theft auto, the State Attorney's Office says.