JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A man still bandaged up after being shot in the Oakleaf area said he's not sure who would have targeted him when he got home Monday night.

"I was getting all of the stuff out of the car, and before I got out of the car, I got hit in the back of the head," Tyreece Lee said."They had the gun pointed at me saying 'Where is the money at?' And I was like 'I ain't got none, ain't got none." After a scuffle, he said the suspects ran off.

"I get out the car, as soon as I stand up, the shooter turns around and he shot me in the arm," Lee said.

Neighbors said car break-ins have happened in the area, but not shootings.

"I heard one shot... Boom!," said neighbor Taylor Staton. "It was loud and heard some man kept saying 'Oh no, Oh no.'"

Neighbors described their neighborhood as a safe one.

"It's a very good neighborhood," said neighbor Regina Coburn. "I'm very surprised something like that did happen."

Lee said the men were not wearing masks or gloves and that investigators were able to get fingerprints off his car.

"I'm like in shock, you know," Lee said. "I don't really know what's going on."

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office did have a helicopter flying over the scene Monday night, but were not able to locate the suspects.

Lee doesn't know who would want to target him, but hopes investigators find the suspects soon.

"I hope, because it could happen to somebody else," he said.