JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In an update overnight, The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office say they don't believe an attempted abduction occurred in Riverside Monday night.

Police continue to investigate but they say no arrests have been made.

There is no word on whether the suspect they had in custody is still in police custody or not. Originally, The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office thanked the quick reaction of the Jacksonville community for the apprehension of the suspect, but as police investigated they came to the conclusion that, at this time, it appears no attempted abduction took place.

The overnight update is brief, but First Coast News will keep you updated as this incident is updated throughout the day.

Bujeda said JSO got a call about the person thought to be the suspect trapped inside a Shell Gas Station on Margaret and Post Streets.After questioning,JSO determined that the original incident first happened at 8:21 p.m. in the 200 block of Spruce Street on Monday.

Bujeda said the godmother of two 9-year-old boys saw them outside of their house with a stranger. The godmother told police that it looked like the children were trying to defend themselves from the man with one boy holding a shovel and the other boy holding a toy.

The godmother yelled at the man and the man took off in his vehicle. The godmother said she asked a homeless man nearby to help her chase the suspect, so the two got in her vehicle and pursued him.

The person thought to be the suspect hit two vehicles as he was trying to get away. He stopped at the gas station and ran inside. The godmother said she told the people inside the gas station what was happening and the folks inside quickly reacted and stopped the man from leaving until JSO arrived.

JSO was able to apprehend the man for questioning. David Brown, 54, was arrested for the unrelated charge of consumption or sale of alcohol on city property, which was outstanding from 2015.

"Thanks to the good citizens in Jacksonville, our children are safe tonight," Bujeda said Monday night.

After the incident, JSO said one of the boys told his godmother that the man tried grabbing him by the shirt and putting him in his vehicle.

The boys were not injured.