ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. -- Starting last month, multiple orders for 14 karat gold bracelets came in from Gogo Jewelry's website.

"After we had shipped 2 of the orders, we got an email from a person that had purchased the pieces that asked if we could also get an iPhone," said Justin Conway who works at the store.

It was a red flag.

The jewelry store had been scammed and records from the store's website manager proved Conway's hunch.

"It turned out that this person had attempted to purchase a $4,300 piece from us and tried 20 different credit cards to purchase that piece," Conway said. "Each one declined. And then they switched to a piece that was $1,600 and found a credit card that worked."

Conway learned some scammer purchased multiple stolen credit card numbers online and used them one by one until a purchase was approved.

"The money has hit our bank," Conway said. "But what will happen is the individual whose cards have been stolen will realize their cards were stolen, report it, the credit card company will investigate and they'll pull that money back."

The jeweler has contacted an alphabet soup of law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service. All say this scene is unfortunately common.

They could be out some $10,000 dollars because they mailed some of the jewelry before putting two and two together.

"If someone walked into our store and took $10,000 there would be an infantry of police officers," Conway said. "When it happens online nobody seems to be able to help."