JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – August 3, 2017 will be a particularly difficult day for a Jacksonville mother. Exactly 10 years ago her daughter, Haley Moore at 17 years old died in a car crash with her friend behind the wheel. It happened off Atlantic Boulevard and Mayfair Road. There's now a drive safely marker there in her memory. Haley's organs saved the lives of six people and that has brought her family some peace. But there's something about the crash that still torments Vickie Moore to this day.

"They agreed that the evidence did not support a vehicular homicide case,” said Moore. “Why?”

Moore, a mother of twins has held on to court documents and police reports now for a decade.
Reports detailing the traffic crash that killed her eldest daughter, Haley.

"The detective and one of the police officers came to the door and told me she had been in a bad accident and they transported her to Shands," said Moore. "They told me that she was put on life support the minute that they put her into the ambulance. She had severe head trauma.
She had the most beautiful green eyes and we could tell as the night went on that her eyes were getting darker and darker. The color wasn't there anymore. And that's when they came and asked if I wanted to donate her organs."

On August 3, 2007 one day after the crash, Haley died. And after being taken off life support Moore says with in five hours doctors found six people that would not have survived without Haley's organs.

"Yes it did give me some peace, some closure to know the stories of those people,” said Moore. “They would not have survived and be where they are now without her."

That peace at times is overshadowed. Moore often thinks back to the day she lost her daughter.
The day Haley rode as a passenger with her friend Jamie Klapatch behind the wheel. A police report shows Klapatch had been involved in a minor crash on August 2nd of 2007, a hit and run. And while taking off from that scene- the report says Klapatch drove south on Atlantic Boulevard attempting to turn left onto Mayfair Road and collided with another car.

A “drive safely” marker can still be found on that corner with Haley’s name on it in her memory. Klapatch was charged and found guilty for her part in the first accident, minutes before the deadly crash. She was given a 30 day jail sentence and six months of probation. The state did not prosecute the second crash, the crash that killed Haley.

“The second accident was a direct result of the first accident had she not run my daughter would still be here," said Moore. “How could you not convict her or sentence her accordingly? Something has got to give. That is not justice."

Moore says she was recently contacted by an investigator with the Jacksonville Sheriff Office’s internal affairs department and they plan to launch an investigation into her complaints. FCN reached out to JSO and we were told they cannot discuss active investigations. We spoke with Jamie Klapatch on the phone and she declined to comment.