A 21-year-old Jacksonville woman was charged with child neglect after her marijuana muffin was eaten by a kid at her home, authorities said.

Cassandra Tucker was arrested on Monday after it was discovered the child ate the pot-laced muffin that was sitting on the suspect's bed, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

A Jacksonville Fire and Rescue crew told police about the incident in the 9600 block of South Villers Drive.

Officers said they noticed that the child was "sleepy and appeared to be 'high.'"

Tucker also noticed that the child appeared to be more talkative than usual.

The suspect admitted the muffin belonged to her and when she went to check her room for the pastry, it was half-eaten.

Tucker said she ate the rest of the muffin out of fear, police said.

A muffin wrapper was collected as evidence, as it still had residue.

Tucker's charge is a third-degree felony. The child's condition was non-life threatening.