Some high-profile people could be taking the stand in the government’s case against former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown.

Federal prosecutors unveiled their list of potential witnesses late Friday in the case against the former congresswoman.

The list contains 45 names, including former Jacksonville Sheriff Nat Glover, City Councilman Reginald Gaffney and developer Ed Burr, a member of JEA’s governing board and chair of the influential Jacksonville Civic Council.

Also on the list is Susie Wiles, the political consultant credited with winning Florida for both Gov. Rick Scott and President Donald Trump.

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Other prominent names include former CSX CEO Michael Ward, automotive dealer Jack Hanania, attorney Steve Pajcic and Corrine’s Brown’s own daughter, Shantrel, a Washington lobbyist.

Several of the witnesses had contact with Brown on transportation issues, or were donors to her campaign and charitable causes.

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Brown is headed to trial April 26 on 22 charges of fraud and tax evasion.

Federal prosecutors claim she defrauded political donors out of about $800,000, supposedly intended for charitable purposes that instead went into her pocket.

Brown has pleaded not guilty; she too plans to testify at trial.

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