FBI officials say work will resume Friday morning at the home of a man linked to a 23-year-old murder case.

Ron Hyde was arrested Tuesday in his Jacksonville Beach home and charged with the murder of 16-year-old Fred Laster. Laster of Yulee went missing in 1994 and his dismembered torso was discovered the same year in Lake City behind a gas station dumpster.

No arrests were made in connection with the death before Tuesday.

An extensive search of Hyde's properties began shortly after Hyde's arrest. On Wedensday, FBI's evidence response team completed its search of a Thelma Street home belonging to Hyde in Jacksonville. Most manpower has been devoted Hyde's home located at 836 4th Avenue N, Jacksonville Beach.

The beach community's neighbors say they’ve been watching astounded at just what has been coming out of Hyde’s house. Donna Doane says everyone believed Hyde's house was abandoned. Boarded up windows and high shrubbery made it virtually invisible from the street. "He wanted to make the house to disappear." Doane says.

“[Police are] definitely finding stuff down in the house because they have now two huge U-haul trucks down there." Doane says the neighborhood houses are all similar with no attics or basements and huge backyards. Real estate records indicate Hyde's 3 bedroom house is just over 1000 square feet and sits on over 7,000 square feet.

"I don't care how long they stay, I want them to take their time and find as much as they can," Doane, a mother of teenagers, adds. "As cliche as it sounds, know where your children are, because it's a crazy world that we live in and we had no idea that we had this craziness on [our] street."