JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-  Police have confirmed the death of three people at a Beach Boulevard condo complex as a  double murder-suicide, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced Thursday.

The incident happened at the Monterey Condominiums at 12171 Beach Boulevard, a couple of blocks west of Kernan Blvd. on Wednesday.

Officers first responded to a report of a shooting at 3:39 p.m.  When officers arrived, they found three people dead.

According to police, the suspect, Alan Rush, 60, went to the home of his estranged wife, Lorinda Rush, 52, and shot and killed her. When his step-daughter, Elizabeth Rush, 30, came to check on her mother, he shot and killed her as well.

He called 911 to tell officials that two people were dead in the residence and when officials arrived, the suspect was also found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lorinda Rush, 52 (Photo: Provided to FCN)