With a new week comes good news. Bentley is home!

A Northwest Jacksonville family's young Pitbull was stolen - along with other items from her home - after it was burglarized on Friday, she tells First Coast News.

Benita Claridy said thieves left her door wide open, took all over her televisions and left her house in a wreck. That's all besides taking her dog, Bentley.

"They took his collar off," she says. "They left his bowl, the left his food but they took him; the whole cage."

But on Monday, Claridy got a call from a private number and a woman on the other end told her to meet her at a veterinarian clinic to pick up Bentley.

When the family arrived, they saw Bentley, cage and all, and the woman.

A good shot of Bentley. (Photo: Submitted)

Bentley is about four or five months old. She's friends to Claridy and her husband's children: an 11-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son.

Claridy's 11-year-old took Bentley from the vet's office and rushed to the car, locking the doors and putting up the windows. She's ecstatic.