JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Andrew Jackson High off N. Main Street was on code red lockdown for about an hour after a report of shots fired across the street from the school, authorities say. That lockdown has been downgraded to a yellow lockdown.

Please note: A code red lockdown prohibits movement of any kind inside or outside the school of staff or students. A code yellow lockdown allows essential movement only.

All students are reportedly safe.

N. Main Street is shut down in front of the high school at 30th Street as police are investigating shell casings found in the road there.

A fight broke out at the food mart across the street from the school on 30th Street, and a 34-year-old woman was shot. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says they aren't sure if the fight was related to the school.

The woman is expected to be OK.

School buses were in the area of the fight at the time of the shooting, but no students were injured. According to police the bus driver said that the possible shooter may have been located on the bus camera. Police are currently in possession of that tape.

Officers are looking for any witnesses to the shooting. Right now, they don't have any suspect information either. JSO's Gang Investigations Unit is also investigating