JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Robert Hearman served two tours in Iraqi, but even that was not enough to prepare him for what happened to his Southside home.

"I came home and noticed my garage door lightly opened," he said. "When I got into the house I noticed my medals were on the floor and things missing."

Hearman said he went for his pistol but it was gone and his bedroom was ransacked and rummaged through.

The FBI Crime Stats reveal that in the United States a home is broken into every 13 seconds.

"They came in and stole my 42 inch TV and my gun," he said, "and one of my daughter's piggy bank."

Police have since checked the pawn shops and found nothing.

On Monday, a detective handling the investigation told Hearman they have collected a good set of fingerprints from the crime scene. Hearman said his family feels violated, the question is by whom?

His neighbor's security cameras were able to capture a white truck driving up to his home and a man wearing a backpack walking up to the house. But the image is not the best to show the suspect's face.

The burglar tried to enter through the garage window but that failed he entered the backyard and broke the bedroom window. Hearman said he hopes he gets caught, his neighborhood is now on high alert.

Law enforcement recommends:

-Always make your home look occupied and difficult to break in
-Make sure all doors and windows are locked and secured
-Keep your garage door closed and locked

'I hope they get this guy," said Hearman.