A white supremacist convicted of a 1987 murder is set to be executed for the crime, nearly 30 years after his conviction.

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the execution order for Mark James Asay on Monday.

Asay was sentenced to death for the murders of Robert Lee Booker and Robert McDowell in 1987 in Jacksonville. He was convicted in 1998.

According to police and court records Asay was drinking with friends, and they decided to look for prostitutes after the bar closed. One of Asay's friends was asking Booker about where to find prostitutes when Asay called Booker a racial epithet and shot him in the stomach. Booker ran off and was later found dead.

Asay and a friend continued looking for prostitutes and agreed to pay McDowell, who was dressed as a woman, for oral sex. But Asay then shot McDowell six times.

Booker was black and prosecutors said Asay believed McDowell was black, even though he was actually white.

Asay's execution had been scheduled for 2016 but was delayed after Florida's Supreme Court decided to review the constitutionality of Florida's death penalty.

Governor Scott set Asay's execution for August 24 at 6 p.m.

Information from the Florida Times-Union was used in this report.