JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- A FBI source close to the investigation involving the murder suspect Ronnie Hyde tells First Coast News that Hyde's Jacksonville Beach property is being pursued by code enforcement because they say it's unstable.

Hyde was arrested and charged for the 1994 murder of 16-year-old Fred Laster. He remains in the Duval County Jail.

While his property is no longer surrounded by investigators or crime tape, his home is boarded up for security purposes. A source close to the murder investigation says his home is expected to be condemned.

According to that FBI source, when Hurricane Matthew hit in October, the roof of Hyde’s Jax Beach home was close to caving in. Hyde was served paperwork by Jax Beach code enforcement to have it repaired, but when he didn’t get it fixed in time, they continued to pursue the issue. But before they could act on that problem, the FBI raided his home in connection to Laster’s murder.

The FBI found, in addition to a dangerous roof, the home does not have running water and Hyde was using his bathtub as a toilet.

Code enforcement officers will serve Hyde paperwork in jail warning him of the impending condemnation and possible demolition of his home unless any immediate family in the area can salvage the property and get it up to code in time. The Jax Beach Police Department says they haven’t been able to locate any family in the area.

Jax Beach code enforcement also confirms there is an active code enforcement case on the property for property maintenance violations and the unsanitary conditions of the inside of the dwelling. They say it cannot be occupied, but it is not officially condemned yet. A notice of violation will be sent to the property owner of record giving time to bring the property into compliance and if the owner fails to take action, then the case will be heard by the Special Magistrate.

As for Hyde’s other property on Thelma Street, where the FBI wrapped up their search even sooner, the City of Jacksonville says there are no code enforcement cases for that address.