JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office 25-year-old Katy Gross has been arrested after police say she left her child in a hot car while she was at work.

According to the police report, Gross works at Lanier Terrace Nursing Home, which is where a witness spotted the child in a hot car.

Firefighters who responded to the scene found the mother inside the nursing home and had her unlock the car for them.

According to reports the child was sweaty but not in major distress.

The witness told police that he was doing work around the nursing home and noticed the small child sitting in the car sweating and noted the car was not running. The man told police the child had to have been sitting in the car for at least an hour and a half by herself.

A Child Protective investigator took custody of the child and Gross was arrested and transported to the pretrial detention facility.