Carla Wiley is due to be sentenced Wednesday, November 15. She was the president of the One Door for Education, the fake charity that former Congresswoman Corrine Brown and her chief of staff Ronnie Simmons were using to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal use.

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The sentencing memorandum from Wiley's attorneys states that the court should not incarcerate Wiley because she cooperated and was truthful during the investigation.

Carla Wiley became involved in the case while she was dating Simmons.

She was the president for One Door which was said to be a charity but was never registered as one. But over $800,000 went to the group in just four years; only $1,000 actually went to a student.

Simmons was dating Wiley when mentioned he needed a nonprofit to fund a reception for the congresswoman in 2012. Carla Wiley testified that she offered One Door.

One Door sold itself as giving scholarships to underprivileged children seeking to become educators. It was named for Wiley’s mother, Amy Anderson, an 86-year-old former educator who said all a child needs is one door of opportunity to have a chance.

The $800,000 the charity brought in while affiliated with Brown and Simmons is gone.

$330,000 to events and receptions around the congresswoman, per the prosecution. More than $70,000 in cash to the congresswoman. Well over $100,000 to Wiley. Simmons is accused of pocketing thousands upon thousands for himself.

Wiley's attorneys stated that she had a lesser role in the offense and is less culpable than Brown or Simmons.

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