JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla.-  A girls' lacrosse coach at Atlantic Coast High School is facing several criminal charges, First Coast News has learned.

Caitlin Powderly, 35, was arrested at the school Monday morning by the Jacksonville Beach Police.

She's charged with organized fraud, check forgery, grand theft, and other counts.

Police reports say Powderly deposited stolen checks from a Jacksonville Beach business in March, totaling over $4,000. 

Police tracked the checks being deposited into an account owned by Powderly and that her signature matched those on the check, the report said.

Powderly joined Atlantic Coast High School earlier this school year. She has previously been an assistant coach at several colleges, including Villanova, Marquette, and Brown.

The case is not related to her employment at the school.

First Coast News will have the latest on this developing story.