Three people were arrested and one man is on the run after a two-car high-speed chase Wednesday morning ending near downtown Jacksonville, authorities say.

Tyler Sowder, 19, Alejandro Perez, 21 and Andrew Perez, 20, all of Jacksonville, were arrested after three separate incidents that took place over several days. It eventually ended in a high-speed chase that started near San Jose Boulevard and went all the way up to Edgewood Avenue, says multiple arrest reports from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

An additional suspect known simply as Moe is still on the run, police say.

The crime spree began back on March 12 in the early morning hours when Sowder and both Perezs burgled a man's apartment while he was asleep inside it on Lake Forest Boulevard in Northside Jacksonville. The victim woke to find two men ransacking his room. When one of the suspects noticed he was awake, they all fled out the front door. Police say that's when the victim noticed a handgun, a bunch of cash and his mother's car was stolen.

Three days later, at 4 a.m., the trio and Moe reportedly stalked a woman walking along San Jose Boulevard and pulled up beside her. One of them put a gun in her face, cocked it and demanded her belongings, the report says. They took her purse and her phone drove off before returning a short while later to give the woman back her stuff. The victim told police they told her they didn't know she had kids.

At first they only gave back her purse, but she asked for her phone back and they went and got it for her.

Less than 40 minutes later they stuck the gun in another woman's face and demanded her car. Police say the group followed a woman through the parking lot of the Avesta Apartments in Mandarin off Hartley Road in a the blue Saturn Ion they took from the earlier victim's mother on Sunday. As the woman was about to pull out of the apartment complex in her car, they cut her off and two people leapt out with a handgun.

They took her purse and gun, but then one of the suspects told the other two to take her car as well, so they did, police say.

A short while later, police tracked the suspects via the victim's cell phone and began a chase. Officers first noticed the stolen car at the intersection of Baymeadows Road and Freedom Commerce Parkway, turned on their blue lights and gave pursuit.

Police chased the two cars from Baymeadows to Interstate 95, through the center of Jacksonville, over the Fuller Warren Bridge before the pair eventually split. Other officers threw down spike strips to try and rip the treads off the tires - which was successful, but police say the pair of cars continued on rails. The pair in the car they stole from the woman at Avesta Apartments split off at the Main Street I-95 exit and the other got off at Edgewood Avenue.

At one point, the cars were going upward of 131 mph. Police stopped the blue Ion with Alejandro and Moe inside. Alejandro was arrested but Moe got away. The car with Andrew and Tyler eventually crashed at Ocean Street and Orange Avenue. Both were taken into custody.

All three suspects in custody are facing three armed robbery with a deadly weapon charges, a fleeing police charge, a burglary charge and driving a car without ever having been issued a license charge. They are being held without bond.

If you have any information about the fourth suspect in these crimes, please call the sheriff's office at 904-630-0500. To remain anonymous and receive a possible cash reward, call Crime Stopeprs at 1-866-845-TIPS.