JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – "Hi, I asked can I speak to you all so I just want to say hi,” said former Congresswoman Corrine Brown just four days after being found guilty of 18 counts in a federal fraud and corruption case.

First Coast News saw a happier and talkative Corrine Brown after court Monday afternoon. It was a different picture last Thursday when she was stoic leaving the courthouse flanked by supporters, security, and media.

"I am looking forward to, as my pastor said, the next phase of my life," Brown said with a smile. "This is not the end." She said she went to church Sunday and spend Mother's Day with her mom.

Her attorney said her case is not over; he plans to file multiple motions. First Coast News exclusively obtained hundreds of trial exhibits that the public hasn't seen outside of court.

Most of them were financial documents. Others were photos from more than a dozen surveillance cameras of Ronnie Simmons. Simmons was Brown's chief of staff and most trusted advisor.

The photos show Simmons withdrawing money from the One Door For Education account. One Door is the charity at the center of the case. Prosecutors say Brown used money from the charity as a slush fund.

The jury was also shown pictures from events put on by Brown, including a 50th birthday party for her daughter and a $750 cake.

The jury also saw exhibits of an invitation to see Beyoncé live; events like these were funded with charity money, the government said.

As for Brown - she still maintains her innocence. "I am innocent and you can refer to my lawyer for any other questions," she said.

This is just the first step according to Brown and her attorney. Brown says she is thankful to those who support her. She believes that her name will be cleared.

"I am going through the fire, but it’s not over."